Author: Doug Hyde

Title: The book of Smiles

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Author: Fabian Perez

Title:Waiting For The Romance To Come Back

The book is a comprehensive overview of the dynamic works of internationally acclaimed artist Fabian Perez. "Assembled throughout the pages of this book is a compelling view, of an extraordinary young man, who has quietly established himself, as one of today's most celebrated figurative painters. Emerging and defining an art movement known as Emotionalism. In this book you will see the powerful work which has distinguished this artist as an innovator, whose subjects come alive with emotion and embrace the imagination of the viewer.

Fabian Perez is an artist of the world, his palette knows no boundaries nor borders. You will be touched by his intimate study of the relationship of his subjects and his ability to capture their compelling and powerful features, thru his brilliant use of light and dark. The artwork seen throughout the pages of this exciting volume, is a concentrated source of inspiration, romance and passion based on specific themes reflecting the artists life. Speaking thru his brush, of the Tragedy, the beauty and the love that embrace humanity. In these 270 pages, Fabian Perez defines his place amongst the great artists of our generation." - Robert Bane, Publisher



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